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What can we use JTI for?

Assumptions about training:
We all have something to learn.
We all have something we can teach others.
Everyone has their own path to success.
What you learn will be directly related to how much you give of yourself.
Ask questions as soon as they occur to you.
We don’t have to agree, we have to understand.
We shall have fun and work hard.
There is a great deal of variation between the 16 types.
There is variation within each type.
Type descriptions do not explain everything.
There are few simple answers when it comes to people.

Goals for training:
To increase your self-understanding and confirm its validity.
To learn about how people perceive available information.
To appreciate my own and other people’s special abilities and strengths.
To learn how I can utilise my own and other people’s strength.
To supplement and improve the areas I perhaps ignore or that do not come naturally to me.
To utilise knowledge about personality types.

Why use JTI?:
It is easy for you to fill in the form yourself. It is not judgmental.
It shows your preferences, what you prefer.
Well-tested, based on thorough research. Intended for normally functioning people.
Based on a well-grounded theory.
Professionally administered and interpreted.
JTI is available in 14 languages (Norwegian, Danish, Swedish, English, French, German, Dutch, Polish, Spanish, Italian, Finnish, and the three Baltic languages). The booklets are available in 7 languages (Norwegian, Danish, Swedish, English, French, German, Dutch, Polish).

You can use JTI to:

Get to know your preferences.
Learn a logical, organised model for human behaviour.
Increase your self-esteem (positive view of people).
Understand how you are suited to your job.
Discuss your feelings from an objective perspective.
Communicate more effectively with others.
Cooperate better at home and at work.
Understand why certain things come naturally to some people, and are difficult for others.
Improve your motivation.

Your organisation can use JTI to:
Learn a logical, organised model for human behaviour.
Reduce unproductive conflicts.
Identify strengths and possibilities in groups.
Identify the state of specific organisational levels or functions.
Learn a theory that is relatively simple to understand.
Build understanding of norms and culture. Understand how a person is suited to his/her job.
Procure a test which is simple to administer and is cost-efficient .
Develop areas such as communication, career development, leader training and team building.


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