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New information about the Jungian Type Index (JTI)

The statistical results measured by Cronbachs Alpha are: E-I and S-N are .86, T-F and J-P are .82. The factor analysis produced 8 very unambiguous factors.

The JTI consists of 56 questions, 14 for each dimension, and it is therefore simple, quick and effective to use, and its high quality has been documented.

JTI, the Team Compass and Understanding Jungian Type form a complete and integrated “tool-box”, which has a wide range of applications. JTI, Understanding Jungian Type and the Team Compass have been translated into English, Danish, Swedish, German, Dutch and Polish. The JTI questionnaire online is available in 14 languages. More information about further developments will be posted on our website.

It is possible to take the JTI in our internet version.  This version means you can assign your participants a code which enables them to answer the JTI online. Each participant will not be able to see his/her own result. Only you will be able to do this using your code. You will thereby be able to continually check who has taken the JTI and the individual answers given. You will be able to generate a graphic image of the result, which can later be given to each participant. We hope that this will make life much easier for you as user. We will of course always offer you a paper version.

Those authorised to use the Team Compass can now create individual and/or team reports. You will therefore be able to carry out the entire test process quickly and efficiently on the internet. This means greater user-friendliness for our clients. At the same time, we would like to emphasise how much we appreciate the contact we have with our users. Electronic user-friendliness is intended to be an added bonus for our clients, while we focus at the same time on maintaining and further developing the excellent personal contact we have with our clients.

Who can use JTI? Anyone who has previously been authorised by us in Jungian thinking and analysis will be able to use JTI, without additional qualifications. Others with corresponding competence will be able to use JTI by further agreement. Please contact us for further information.
If you have JTI authorisation, you can open an account for our internet version of JTI.

What can we use JTI for?

The Jungian Type Index (JTI)


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